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Kim Kardashian Reveals SHOCKING ‘Worst’ Side Of Her Marriage With Kanye!

Post her divorce from her estranged husband Kanye, Kim has now revealed the 'bad' side of her married life. Read to know what!

Kim Kardashian and ex-husband Kanye West parted ways long ago now, the two even seemed to have moved on with their lives. But there’s something that just keeps putting these two together, and somehow the estranged couple keeps making headlines for bizarre reasons. For once it looked like Kanye and Kim’s marriage and their ever-evolving issues were left far behind, but we’re here to tell you the otherwise!

Recently in an interview, Kim opened up again about her married life with Kanye and made some never shared before revelations about their married life. Kim complained how her family never intervened in her relationship with Kanye and never bothered to ask her if she was doing “good” if at all. She further shared how their marriage was far ‘worse’ and hinted how nobody knew how bad her married life with Kanye was.

It goes without saying, Kim and Kanye, adorably called ‘Kimye’ by their fans, were one of the most influential couples in Hollywood. They were officially the ‘IT’ couple as their relationship looked no less than a fairytale. But where did it all go wrong? Kim has openly stood by Kanye’s side and has even shared how she supported him even when things weren’t ‘comfortable’ for her. But ultimately, their relationship couldn’t survive all those turmoil.

In a recent ‘The Kardashians’ episode, Kim revealed subtly the struggles she has faced being married to Kanye saying nobody knew what happened behind the ‘closed doors’. She even sounded upset with her family for not intervening in her personal life and finding out whether her marriage with Kanye was even doing good. But later, she also expressed being grateful for being able to carry on in that tough time all by herself.

“No one came to me during my marriage and was like, ‘Are you good?'” Kim revealed. She further added, “Everyone let me have my own journey and see that on my own, and I appreciate that but sometimes I look back and I’m like, ‘When do we jump in?’ That is what I’m so unclear about.”

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For now, Kim seems to have found her forever in beau Pete Davidson, as the two seem to be head over heels in love with each other. Pete was even spotted chilling around with Kim’s children with Kanye, North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm. As for Kanye, the ‘Donda’ rapper was dating Chaney Jones, a model who made news for her striking similarity with Kim. The two have reportedly parted their ways now.

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