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Kim Kardashian Mocks Kylie Jenner Over Instagram Fight

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner's unexpected online feud started off when Kylie failed to tag SKIMS on Instagram.

After the hilarious exchange on Instagram, Kim Kardashian seemingly mocks her little sister Kylie Jenner in a new video. The reality star showed off the latest makeover as she took part in TikTok’s ‘chav’ trend. In the video, Kim pounded on poorly-applied makeup complete with giant drawn-on eyebrows and heavy concealer in order to imitate a ‘chav’, the British equivalent of American trailer trash.

Kim seems to purposely use Kylie Cosmetics to deliver a bad makeup look rather than her classic glam. Kim’s video appeared to be a dig at her sister Kylie Jenner as she is still in the midst of a social media fight with Kylie. For the unversed, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian had a public and hilarious sisterly fight. Kylie recently shared a series of photos of herself in a skintight grey bodysuit.

Kylie looked stunning as she posed in a field of green grass. Kylie captioned the photos, ‘Kyventures.’ Kim’s unexpected online feud with Kylie started off when Kylie failed to tag SKIMS on Instagram. Kim took to the comment section to call out Kylie for not tagging her brand. She wrote, “Can u tag @skims please LOL.” And Kylie had a perfect witty response to her big sister’s request.

Kylie hilariously wrote, “i had to steal this from moms house and now you want me to promote?!!!!” In an earlier TikTok, Kim Kardashian seemed to take a dig at all four of her sisters. ‘Every time I FaceTime my sister’s group chat,’ wrote Kim, who could be seen rolling her eyes at the camera.

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