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Kim Kardashian Is Sad After Filing Divorce From Husband Kanye

This powerful Hollywood and TV’s favorite couple, formerly known as Kimye by their fans on social media, is no more which is a heartbreaking fact. But now recent update in it is that Kim Kardashian is sad after filing divorce from husband Kanye.

Whilst this news has broken their fans hearts, but also the super successful TV personality Kim is also feeling down and reports state that Kim Kardashian is sad after filing divorce from husband Kanye.

Having finally filed the official paperwork to end her and rapper husband Kanye’s highly publicized seven years old marriage, this is true that Kim Kardashian is sad after filing divorce from husband Kanye.

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This news comes only one year after Kim gave birth to their fourth child via a surrogacy and in midst of a controversial year for Kanye. Despite all their ups and downs, this couple is not doing well.

The official news reports of Kim filing the divorce hit the internet few days back on 19th February (friday).  This filing news comes in midst of the circulating rumors that Kim’s decision to file for the divorce was ‘imminent’ and that she’s also totally done with the marriage ever since she witnessed Kanye’s public breakdown back in 2020 last year during his presidential rally speech.

Despite the fact that Kim and Kanye marriage has been over for months wherein both of them were seen living separately. A source close to Kim in his recent quote to an internationally renowned digital entertainment magazine told that Kim is ‘sad’ regarding her marriage ending.

The source said, “Kim is with her family today. She is doing OK. She is sad, but ready to move on. Their marriage has been broken for a long time. Kim feels like she has done everything she can to save it. Filing for divorce is something she has been thinking about for a long time. She has also been dreading it. She really, really has done everything to avoid filing”.

While Kim has made up her mind and heart to move on in life and also filed for official divorce from rapper husband Kanye, reports also revealed that Kanye has not been holding up well after Kim filed a divorce from him.

Infact a source close to the 43 years old musical superstar in his quote to an internationally renowned digital entertainment magazine told, “Kanye is not doing well. He is anxious and very sad and knows that the marriage is over, and there’s nothing that can be done right now. He also knows that he is losing in Kim”.

Kim and Kanye who had married each other in a lavish ceremony at Italy share four children together wherein their youngest Psalm just turned 1 years old.

As per the divorce documents, it has been clearly stated that Kim is all set for asking about the joint and physical legal custody of their four kids where even Kanye is satisfied with this joint custody agreement since both of them are totally committed to co-parenting their children together.

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