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Kim Kardashian celebrates mom Kris Jenner’s birthday with a heartwarming surprise!

Kim Kardashian went all out to celebrate her mother Kris Jenner's 64th birthday in the most nostalgic way possible. Read on to know more!

Kim Kardashian West had just the perfect surprise for her mom Kris Jenner on her 64th birthday! She pulled out the most heartwarming surprise and had everyone in tears. Kim took to her social media to reveal how she planned a nostalgic day for her “sentimental” mom, that had them having lunch at their childhood family home and also driving around Beverly Hills in the Mercedes, just like the one Kris owned in her younger days.

Kim even had her mom’s former license plate recreated that read, “2 DIE 4.” Kim took to her social media to share a picture of their celebration, which included Kris, Khloé Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner sitting on top of a vintage Mercedes. She wrote, “Today we celebrate my mom. Anyone that knows her, knows how sentimental she is.”  

Kim also explained that she had planned a small lunch, with just her kids and a few of her friends of 40 + years. She had sent out invites with a location where they all met. On everyone’s arrival, she then surprised them by saying that this wasn’t where we would be eating. Kim then revealed the big plan to the group.

He further continued, “I then gave everyone the REAL invitation and once everyone saw the address for where we would be going tears filled the room. I rented out childhood home.” She also shared a video that captured Kris’ reaction after she realized she would be going to their family home. Kris is literally seen breaking down into tears as she reads the invitation handed to her by Kim. 

Kim explained how all their memories live here, especially the ones with their dad. She also revealed that it was here how each Kardashian child was born and became who they are today. She wrote, “Growing up, the home had the most ridiculous wallpaper and kitchen set! I remade all of our table settings, decor out of the same fabric and print as the wallpaper. We had lunch at the home as if it hadn’t changed and we cried the entire time.”

Now this was not the only surprise Kim had in store, she also revealed how she had rented every car that her parents owned and also had some waiting outside so they could just drive them to the house, while she had the rest lined up in the driveway of the house, just like the old times.

Kim not only kept this secret from her mum but also her sisters and was very proud of herself. She wrote, “I am so proud I was able to keep such a meaningful surprise a secret from my mom and sisters for weeks! This was the most special, nostalgic day of my life and we felt my dad’s presence enjoying this day with us!” 

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