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Khloe Kardashian ‘Forgives’ Tristan Thompson for cheating on her!

Khloe Kardashian in a recent interview talked about her headline-making cheating scandal of her ex Tristan Thompson but shockingly revealed that she's not holding it against him. Here's why

Khloe Kardashian is no longer holding any grudges against ex Tristan Thompson after he cheated on her with multiple women. Khloe who broke up with the professional basketball player in Feb revealed how she has grown after experiencing the heart-breaking situation on an episode of Jay Shetty‘s podcast, On Purpose.

She is heard saying, “I don’t think he’s a bad person; I think we all make mistakes, we are humans. But it’s only going to hurt me if I’m holding onto this anger and playing this victim role. I don’t believe in being a victim. I believe in ‘Okay this happened to me, let’s figure it out, let’s push through it,’ and maybe if I am open and honest about it, it can help other people feel like, ‘It’s okay, we are all human, we are all going to get through things.’”

She also revealed how can we just condemn somebody for sinning differently than us. She also stated how we are so quick to just exile people and it’s just so heavy to her. She is focusing on making sure she is healed from that situation or try to understand it as much as she can. She has a lot of me time in the mornings, and that is where she kind of filter through all that.

Khloe also explained that though things were tough after he found out ex-family friend Jordyn Woods kissed Tristan, she didn’t want to feel too sorry for herself. She said, “It is natural to almost be the victim. Especially when you are on this platform and the whole world is like, ‘Oh I feel so bad for you.’ It’s like ‘Okay thank you, but this has also happened I’m sure to like hundreds of people before.’ Not saying that it’s right, I’m just saying I’m not going to die. We’re all fine.”

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