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Keanu Reeves: Reasons We Love Him

Keanu Reeves is having a rebirth of his career nearly after 35 years since he began acting in Hollywood. The actor has turned 54 recently and his face denies his age for sure.

He has been doing movies for quite a long time although many of them have not been able to create the niche for the actor. But lately, he is getting his dues that he has deserved all the while. Keanu has been one of the kindest people on the planet who have numerous stories of his charity, friendliness and helping nature to his credit.

Director, however, was born in Lebanon, has been raised in Canada and has given the new meaning to the statement that Canadians are the most helpful people on earth.

1) Always enthusiastic for movies

Scott Derrickson and Keanu Reeves have worked together in the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still. Scott says that Keanu has always been very enthusiastic about acting and movie making.

2) Using public transportation

Celebrities have loved traveling through private jet along with escorting police security guards in luxurious cars but Keanu has been spotted using public train that too with chivalry for women passengers.

3) Giving away his earnings

It is not usual that an actor gives the way 70% of his earnings from the movie to the movie’s special effects team. But Keanu has done so to help the special effect department associated with the movie Matrix. He earned more than a hundred million dollars from the three sequels of the movie and gave 70% of his earning to the special effects department.

4) Humble and Helping

You have always been an example of a helping and humble human being who has never deterred from helping people stuck in difficult situations. He has dropped a woman who was stuck on the road after her car broke down. Reanu left her home that was 15 miles out of his way. Also, he gave her his number in-case she needed some extra help.

5) Always a winner

Keanu has been dyslexic that forced him to leave school, his child was stillborn, his girlfriend died in a car crash and he is still single. Yet the actor has been able to move forward in life with a smile on his face. He has always lived in the present moment and does not worry about death. This is the actor’s mantra for life.

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