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Katy Perry Opens Up That Pregnancy Has Made Her Feel Very Emotional

Katy Perry recently revealed that how her pregnancy has made her feel and how her experience of being pregnant has been so far. Read below to know more.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are the power couple of Hollywood and soon the lovebirds will become doting parents. Earlier this year Katy announced about her pregnancy on Instagram Live session and made her fans go crazy. Later the singer revealed that she and fiancé Orlando Bloom are expecting a baby girl.

The Roar singer is surely on the cloud 9 because of the news as she always wanted to become a mother. But before the little angel arrives, Katy and Orlando are enjoying this time and are overcoming obstacles together.

In a recent interview, Katy spilled the beans on how the whole pregnancy experience has been so far. She revealed that her pregnancy has made her experience every emotion under the sun. During the interaction, the Daises singer spoke about her bumpy pregnancy experience and confessed that she has felt equal parts of depression and happiness.

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Katy said, “I’ve been every emotion under the sun. I’ve been overwhelmed, I’ve been anxious. I’ve been happy, I’ve been overjoyed, I’ve been depressed. I’ve been all of it.” Given the recent tensions and the pandemic across the world, Katy also admitted that it is indeed a ‘wild time’. “The world is just a wild time and it’s a wild time to bring life into the world. People were already having those kinds of conversations years ago where it was like, ‘Man, the world feels a little uncertain’… and now it really feels shaky boots!”

The 35-year old singer also said that she and Orlando are yet to pick out a name for their daughter who will be arriving soon. Replying to the question, Katy said, “We have yet to decide specifically on her name because, I think, we’ve got options and she’ll tell us. I’ll look at her and go, ‘Oh yea yea, you are her, you are that!”

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Katy also said that Orlando is very excited to welcome a baby girl and claims that the angel will forever be ‘daddy’s little girl!’

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