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Katy Perry Gifted Ex Russell Brand A $340K Lilac Bentley

Interesting fact coming out from pop singer Katy Perry's previous marriage saga with ex Russell Brand is that during their marriage, Katy gifted her ex husband Russell a $340K Lilac Bentley.

Globally prominent Hollywood pop singer Katy Perry gifted ex Russell Brand a $340K Lilac Bentley.

An interesting bit of scoop coming from her previous relationship and former marriage with comedian Russell Brand is that once upon a time Katy Perry gifted Russell Brands a $340K Lilac Bentley.

The singer whose career jetted off 13 years back in 2008 with the smash hit song “I Kissed A Girl” today is a brand in herself to reckon with and this is an unknown fact which came into light that in her previous marriage to ace comedian Russell Brand, Katy Perry gifted ex Russell Brand a $340K Lilac Bentley.

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Post her Hollywood debut in 2008, she has given us several memorable and superhit songs to fans and music aficionados ever since.

Currently, Katy is totally enjoying her motherhood phase with fiancé Orlando Bloom and their daughter Daisy Dove. But before getting engaged to ace Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom, Katy was married to a well renowned British comedian Russell Brand and during that time itself, she had presented him with a high end luxurious car that happened to be worth $340K and was a Lilac Bentley which was previously owned by Keith Moon.

Their relationship got official 12 years back in 2009 when Katy Perry was in limelight after getting into a relationship with Russell Brand and then both of them got hitched to each other a year later in 2010 and the pop singer was totally thrilled and heads over heels in love post being with Russell Brand and even talked in details about it in the globally loved and prominent The Ellen Degeneres Show where she talked about her happiness of being with Brand and also confessed that she was thinking of changing her name post marriage with him. Whilst she did feel that he was handful, but she always looked at the brighter side back then as she was madly in love with him, but by the end this couple announced their decision of getting divorced from each other after just 14 months of their marriage citing irreconcilable differences as the main reasons in their official annulment papers.

After their divorce, Katy Perry was totally shattered and heartbroken by the entire ordeal.

Post that, Katy moved on in life and found love yet again but this time in versatile Hollywood star Orlando Bloom. Infact, their relationship got official in 2019 when Orlando officially proposed her for marriage and since then they have been blissfully engaged with each other. Katy and Orlando were supposed to take their wedding vows with each other back in last year by April 2020 at Disney World, but due to the global wide COVID 19 pandemic everything got pushed ahead further and also went delayed.

They both welcomed their 6 months old daughter Daisy Dove Bloom in August 2020 and are also postponing their wedding plans to focus specifically on being a family for now.

Coming back to Katy Perry gifting ex Russell Brand a car, when they both were together, she did spend a lot of money for instance once she had gotten him two tickets for the Virgin Galactic for 200, 000 $ (dollars) and this offers people suborbital spaceflights. The car that Katy had gifted then husband Russell Brand was worth $341, 000 and was previously owned by famous band Who’s late drummer Keith Moon. It was a Lilac Bentley. Now it seems a mystery as to what Russell might have done with the car after their divorce.

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