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Katie Price Faces Near-Death Experience!

Katie Price opens up about her recent botched surgical experiments overseas.

Katie Price finds humour in things gone wrong in her life…She spoke about her recent botched surgical experiments overseas where she feared she would end up looking like the Bride of Wildenstein. Katie said she paid a hefty personal price after undergoing multiple cosmetic surgeries including full body liposuction, Brazilian Butt lift, liposuction under her chin as well as lip and eye lifts in Turkey.

Talking to a magazine, the model said that she regretted turning down a recommended blood transfusion during the surgery over the concerns of COVID-19 infections. The model regretted her decision because she felt she looked pale and like a monster ‘straight out of a horror movie’ after she woke up with stitches all over her body and cat whiskers like things coming from her nose and eyes.

The 43-year-old model got a shock of her life and feared that she might lose her old looks and was grateful for having the support of her fiance Carl Woods throughout the process. Reliving the ordeal, Katie said she was wondering if she had done the right thing by going under the knife and it was only weeks later when she almost recovered, the stitches healed and her body recovered that she started loving the new her.

And because she missed her daughter’s 14th birthday by a week because of the surgery, Katie Price celebrated the birthday a week later in a lavish way by showering her daughter with gifts and a beautiful cake. Katie Price even plans to document her unpleasant experience on her Youtube channel. Katie has over 300k subscribers on Youtube.

The model normally films candid moments of her personal life and documents it. Katie loves to share everything from her personal life with her fans and doesn’t hesitate to include even a visit to the dentist. The fans too love and eagerly wait for Katie to upload her videos.

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