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Kate Missed Titanic Film Premiere For Attending Her Ex’s Funeral

Hollywood superstar Kate Winslet in one of old interviews opens up on reasons behind why she missed Titanic (1997) film premiere night and went to attend her ex Stephen's funeral in London.

The ace and versatile Hollywood superstar Kate Winslet was a known name in film industry even before the film Titanic (1997), but after Titanic happened she forayed into a new type of stardom wherein both Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet became globally prominent superstars after this film. But, unfortunately, Kate missed Titanic film premiere for attending ex’s funeral.

When the film was about to be premiered at Los Angeles (LA) in a glitzy and glamorous red carpet event, Kate missed Titanic film premiere for attending ex’s funeral.

This is really surprising bit of information which has left us all confused but yes, Oscar award winning superstar Kate missed Titanic film premiere for attending ex’s funeral.

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Kate dated her late ex-boyfriend Stephen Tredre who was an actor and screenwriter before acting in Titanic (1997) according to a leading entertainment news channel. They both met on the sets whilst filming the TV series Dark Season in 1991 in which Stephen played role of Luke and Kate essayed the character of Reet and this series ran for six episodes and one season.

They both dated each other for five years but then Stephen broke it off with Kate just before the Titanic movie premiere because of being diagnosed with cancer according to an leading international news website.

Explaining the same, in her old interview with leading international news website, Kate said, “Stephen let me go, and that as an act of love from one human being to another was overwhelming. When I look back, I wish he hadn’t. I wish I had just been there”.

Stephen passed away from bone cancer and his funeral was on the same night of the Titanic film premiere. In her old interview with a leading digital entertainment news publication, she opened up on how people bashed and criticized her often of not attending film premiere and instead attending her ex’s funeral in London.

Opening up about it, Kate said, “I suppose I was a bit depressed by that… someone I had spent four and a half years of my life with had just died. It was just that people would even consider… they would be having conversations with me, saying things like, Look, we understand, this must be a very hard time,’ and then they’d go on to say, But don’t you think Stephen would have wanted it?”.

Continuing on this point, Kate told, “No he bloody wouldn’t. Stephen would have wanted me at his funeral and I’m going to be there.’ Yes, I was pretty alarmed by that”.

Speaking about how her choice of attending ex’s funeral over her own movie premiere night was correct, Kate asserted, “You can’t be cynical because you have to understand what is being asked of you, and what you’re here for. And you draw a line down the middle. You have to remember life is not about success and status and all that kind of thing, and it never has been for me”.

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