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Kate Almost Got Feelings For Bestfriend Leonardo Whilst Filming Titanic

This is an unheard story coming out now about how the stunning Hollywood star Kate almost got feelings for bestfriend Leonardo whilst filming Titanic's important and intimate scene.

The evergreen on screen couple Jack and Rose who taught fans and film fanatics meaning of real and true love in the Oscar Award winning film Titanic (1997), and also give us the much needed #bestfriends goals from past so many years in this showbiz industry, this is an interesting tit bit that Kate almost got feelings for bestfriend Leonardo whilst filming Titanic.

Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio’s rock solid camaraderie and friendship with each other is loved and known by all. Now an unheard tale coming out from the time of Titanic filming is that Kate almost got feelings for bestfriend Leonardo whilst filming Titanic.

This is indeed an untold story and unknown fact that’s coming out now about how Kate almost got feelings for bestfriend Leonardo whilst filming Titanic.

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Whenever both Kate and Leonardo have been asked about whether or not they’ve ever been secretly romantically involved with each other in the interviews, their response is same which is that they’re just really great friends.

Despite the platonic nature of their friendship with each other, Kate was really tensed at one point of time about falling in love with her heartthrob co-star behind the scenes and at one point, she kind of did or atleast the ‘Rose’ within her did.

In one of her old interview with a leading digital entertainment magazine, speaking about the entire memory and incident about her almost having feelings for Leonardo whilst filming Titanic, Kate had said, “Y’know, working with Leonardo DiCaprio. he’s a bit gorgeous, and I was worried that I was going to be bowled over by him, or that he was going to find me all stuffy and Shakespearean and English. But the second we met, we just completely clicked”.

She continuing on same point told, “We’d do the most ridiculous things to each other. He’d be tickling me, groping me, winding me up. And I’d be doing the same thing back, sort of grabbing his bum”.

In an old interview, speaking fondly about his bestfriend Kate, Leonardo had said, “She was my best friend for seven months. We’d unload the stresses of the shoot to each other, vent to each other, watch out for each other. Kate was just the perfect person to work with because she was very much one of the guys, and it would have been much harder without her. We were partners”.

Spilling the beans about one of the scenes in film in which she almost got feelings for Leonardo in an old interview with a leading digital entertainment magazine which quoted, “Winslet has only one sweet regret about her relationship with DiCaprio. It was during the scene in which Rose and Jack make love in a Renault touring car in the hold of the ship: steamed windows, trembling actors. ‘Doing that scene,’ she says, ‘it so wasn’t us. And yet, we were so locked into what all that had to be about. The Rose in me was really sort of loving the Jack in him, actually. And even though I didn’t feel that way about Leo, it was quite nice to sort of feel that way in the scene. It was quite lovely. And then, y’know, the camera stopped rolling, and he gets up and walks off, and the scene’s done. And I remember lying there thinking, ‘What a shame that’s over.’ Because it was quite nice. It was”.

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