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K-Pop Group Monsta X Releases New Album ‘The Dreaming’

Monsta x Fans' wait is over as The Dreaming is out now!

Monsta X releases the band’s newest studio album titled The Dreaming, a project they say will “touch your heart.” The boy band, Monsta X members consists of I.M, 25, Hyungwon, 27, Minhyuk, 28, Joohoney, 27, and Kihyun, 27, last released an EP titled No Limit in November and it has been full speed ahead ever since.

Meanwhile, they were even the center of their first film, which was released on Wednesday, titled Monsta X: The Dreaming. The movie chronicles their career as a group with never-before-seen footage, interviews, and performances of the band. Talking about their latest album, band member I.M tells People, “The album name is The Dreaming, so the lyrics are kind of dreamy and very soft. The lyrics are like a poem. It’ll touch your heart.”

However, their smash hit and title track of the album “One Day,” which was released in September, has already garnered over 10 million streams. When it comes down to it, the bandmates assured the outlet they were “excited” but say it can also be slightly “awkward” to watch themselves on the big screen. “I feel like a movie star,” Minhyuk says, while Kihyun is excited to see the fan’s reaction, “We saw the reaction of our Korean fans. They were very good, so we’re just excited for American fans.”

Monsta X I.M adds, “Well, I wanted to say I think it’s going to be awkward because we’ve been to the theater to watch some movies that we love, but this time we are seeing ourselves in movie theaters. So I think it’s going to be awkward.” I.M added, “We just keep moving forward. We really just want to communicate with our fans in lots of ways, because that’s why we are using lots of social media like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. And especially these days, since we can’t go out, we would try to use it a lot, try to communicate with our fans a lot.”

Since coming together on No. Mercy, the Korean reality survival program in 2015, Monsta X has expanded their fanbase far beyond its home in South Korea. When asked how they feel about their international success, however, they say they’re “not yet” there. “To be honest, we didn’t think that we made a success,” I.M says. Kihyun then adds, “Not yet.”

Monsta X fanbase is indeed all over social media, and the band considers their reactions to being “really funny and lovely.” “They kind of troll each other in the fandom, and then there’s a lot of fun moments,” they say. “Like teasing each other without really fighting. It’s like kids’ fights.” When the band isn’t working, however, they all take to different activities to unwind.

Catch the Latest Song of the K-Pop Boyband Monsta X New Song Here:

Credit: Official YouTube Channel of Monsta X

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