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Justin, Demi and Mark Encourage Early Voting For US Elections

Hollywood singers Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato along with actor Mark Ruffalo encourage early voting for the US elections.

Often we see that singers and actors who are known and prominent faces all across the globe are idolized by their fans, critics, audiences, the Netizens and viewers and if they are on such a huge position because of the collective unconditional love, applauds, and appreciation of fans then being the real influencers they have a responsibility of making those people always follow the right path by making them socially aware of important things and explaining them the importance of it. Such a gesture is being seen now since Justin, Demi and Mark encourage early voting for US elections.

It’s very rare that people from Hollywood music fraternity or film industry who are such huge global icons with fan bases in all parts of the world, come forward for something as important and mandatory like this but now we can see a whole new wave of more open and positive changes happening where even Hollywood celebrities like Justin, Demi and Mark encourage early voting for US elections.

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But since the upcoming presidential elections in US are of a huge importance to every citizen which includes even the Hollywood film and music industry, not only will we see Justin, Demi and Mark but also this interesting line up will be joined by many other celebrities who all are coming together and joining their hands for this great initiative to make the people realize the importance of voting early for the US elections.

This is going to be a rally with an 11 day on the ground mobilization that would mainly focus on encouraging and inspiring the youth and citizens especially the communities of color to come forward and vote.

Also on the 24th October 2020, there is going to be an event called Vote Early Saturday which would be a star studded occasion where all the social media influencers, Hollywood celebrities, activists, and generational leaders would be seen coming together for hosting a live virtual rally which would also include an 11 day on the ground mobilization to motivate the young generation and youth especially the communities of color for voting so that the voters turn out is in huge massive numbers.

This is going to be a three hour event which will be live streamed on the Vote With Us site, Youtube channel and partnership with various social media channels would include various performances, appearances, and support by Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Mark Ruffalo, Common, Andra Day, Sherry Cola, activists David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez, basketball stars Renee Montgomery, VIC MENSA, Candice Dupree and more.

According to the official press release, the rally will essentially be highlighting and focusing on four important key points which are why, how, when and where to vote with extra importance on safe, early and in person voting.

Also joining this voting virtual rally are some of the country’s most strongest advocacy judicial organizations including All in For Voting, Black Voters Matter, Future Coalition, The Early Vote, Headcount, March On, ‘Us Kids’ Film, Vote Early Day, We Stand United, among others.

Andra Day will be seen all ready and totally set to sing her new song “Remember I Bleed” and The War and Treaty would be seen singing and also performing legendary singer John Lennon’s “Power to the People” as praise to the highest number of young voters.

Award winning actor Gonzales Hogg in a recent statement explained the importance of voting and said, “To vote is to harness your power, and we have to use the power that’s given to us. Don’t just vote for yourself, vote for every person; for every person whose basic rights are at risk, for every person who can’t vote because they are undocumented or incarcerated, for every person who is affected by the system and for every person who fought with everything they had just to give us the right to vote”.

She also added this bit, “Vote because you can. Vote because we haven’t always been able to”.

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