Justin Bieber Sings About Depression And Marriage In Upcoming 2020 Album!

Justin Bieber’s most-awaited 2020 album allegedly features details about his battle with depression and his one-year-old marriage with Hailey Baldwin. Read on to find out what we know up until now!

Justin Bieber has been hinting his album release in 2020 all over his social media in the past week and Beliebers are dying to get the deets of the release and the tour. This will be his first album release in 4 years since his last album Purpose. The hints were first dropped when the Biebs started asking Beliebers to pick their ‘Top 5 songs’ from his playlist followed by a grainy video and pictures with the text ‘2020’ written that he posted on Twitter and Instagram.

A source who spoke to a news channel allegedly revealed that Justin’s brand new 2020 album is almost done and will be released real soon and said that the album is undergoing some important finishing touches and it will mostly be released early next year. Bieber is allegedly very excited to release new music and to start touring once again since it has been a very long time since his last tour, which was cancelled midway due to unforeseen circumstances, and this time he is readier than ever.

The source revealed that the Despacito singer faced dark times and breakdowns which he has been very vocal about. His lyrics also contain his feelings towards his marriage with Hailey Baldwin and how his relationship with her is very different from anything that he has ever experienced. The tracks are allegedly a familiar sound that fans will love for sure and rumours are that Bieber has done his best this time and can’t wait to get his new music out for his beloved Beliebers to enjoy!

Well, we hope that Justin releases his new music ASAP and begins his New Year with a bang!