Justin Bieber & Hailey Bieber Shares Loved-Up Photos From Hawaiian Getaway

Justin Bieber's latest Instagram post seemingly hinted they have a bit of baby fever as they posed for various snaps with an adorable infant.

Justin Bieber enjoyed a romantic getaway with his wife, Hailey Bieber. The singer and the model took to their social media handles separately and shared a series of photos. In the carousel of photos, the centre of attraction was their friend Kelia Termini’s newborn daughter. The Peaches hitmaker posted three different slideshows with a little girl.

However, their latest post seemingly hinted they have a bit of baby fever as they posed for various Instagram snaps with an adorable infant shared on the singer’s social media. In the first photo series shared by Justin as he could be seen sitting next to his wife as they relaxed at a restaurant while Hailey propped up a baby on her lap. However, he didn’t write anything in the caption.

Bieber could be seen giving a quick kiss on the baby’s cheek as they enjoyed an outing at a local restaurant. Meanwhile, Justin flashed a cheerful smile towards the camera as he sat closely next to his wife at the wooden table in the eatery. The model also held a happy grin on her face as she had a blast taking care of the infant for a bit. The Baby hitmaker additionally shared a photo as he pretended to make a call at a payphone outside while wearing the same comfortable ensemble.

The star took a few pictures of the sights, including a theatre with a colourful, neon sign that read ‘Hawaii’ on the front, referencing the location of their trip. Justin made a funny face in a selfie with his close friend Kelia on the trip and shared a photo of an exit sign on the highway that read Kapiolani Boulevard. In the second Instagram carousel, the singer took a selfie as he posed next to a small pond filled with koi fish.

Justin previously shared photos of himself and his lovely wife Hailey as they planted a kiss on their friend Jason Kennedy’s newborn son during a visit last summer in July, also sparking baby fever rumours from fans at the time. Hailey has opened up about the topic of starting a family with her husband, whom she tied the knot with in 2018. In a previous interview with the Wall Street Journal last year, she revealed, ‘I think ideally in the next couple of years we would try.’

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