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Justice League Actor Ezra Miller Trending On Social Media For All The Wrong Reasons

Star Ezra Miller nearly choked a fan and Twitterati can not believe their eyes. See the video below

A viral video online shows actor Ezra Miller apparently throttling and shoving a female fan in Iceland, but it’s not clear what sparked off the incident. In the 14-second clip early on, Miller can be seen threatening the woman to a fight.

“Oh, you wanna fight? That’s what you wanna do?” Miller is heard telling as a female fan approached him, aceshowbiz.com reports.

Miller was then seen holding the woman by the neck and moving her straight behind her into the aisle truck. The star then dropped her on the ground while choking the fan.

A man behind the camera was heard saying, “Woah, bro. Bro.” The incident was claimed to have happened in public outside the country’s shop. Another, who said he was present during the incident, took to Twitter that some boys pulled him off the woman and handcuffed him, but he spat on the users’ brother and a bartender later.

While it’s unclear whether Ezra was really part of this incident, Twitter has a hard time believing this side of his ‘psychotic.’ Check out their reactions to this.

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