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K-Drama Maniac? List Of K-Drama Right Out Of Jungkook’s Playlist To Add To Your Watchlist

The South- Korean sensation and the lead vocalist of the group BTS, is as obsessed with K-Dramas as you are! Read to know more about Jungkook approved shows.

No one’s too busy to not binge-watch their favorite K-Drama, it’s actually therapeutic if you ask us! While people from all walks of life seem to be obsessed with these versatile Korean shows, it’s pretty much the same for the global star Jeon Jungkook of “BTS”. Since the band’s official debut on Instagram, the members of the group are going all out interacting with their fans, right from sharing their behind-the-scenes selfies, to giving updates about their whereabouts. One such recent instance is when the maknae of the group did a Q&a session on Instagram and asked ARMYs about what he should do in his free time. “What’d be good for me to do right now,” he asked. It goes without saying that Kookie must have received tremendous responses from ARMYs all around the world, however, he decided to address one particular suggestion from an ARMY.

“Binge-watch Business Proposal” read the suggestion. To which Jungkook responded, “I already watched all of it.”

For the unversed, Business Proposal is a new SBS show starring Ahn Hyo-Seop and Kim Se-Jeong. The fun, the light-hearted drama revolves around the lives of a rich chaebol man of a company and a middle-class employee who works at his company. The drama has since its release created quite a buzz as its rating to keeps soaring each passing day. He also had recently shared a snippet of the new drama ‘Twenty-five twenty-one’ on his Instagram story, the 24-year-old can be heard giggling to one of the scenes of the show.

Previously, when Taehyung was seen supporting his good friend and fellow ‘Hwarang’ cast Park Seo Joon by suggesting ARMYs watch ‘Itaewon class’, Jungkook too had revealed about his current obsession “Hotel Del luna” starring IU, and had asked his fans to give it a watch. While Jungkook and his other group members are as enthusiastic as any KDrama fan out there, Jk makes it a point to not only watch but also recommend his fans his favorite k Dramas. One such is “I give my first love to you”, although it isn’t a K Drama, Jungkook had mentioned watching this Japanese movie in one of his V live sessions. Another Japanese recommendation of Jungkook is the 2006 movie “The girl who leaped through time”, a sci-fi genre where a teenage girl tries to use her newfound ability to travel through time to her advantage.

As for South Korean films, the lead vocalist of the group had mentioned having watched the 2012 film “Love 911” where a doctor tries to woo a grieving, widowed firefighter in her attempt to get him to testify on her behalf in a medical malpractice case.

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