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Jon Stewart Unveils First-Look Trailer for New Apple Show – Watch Here

The trailer of the upcoming Apple series 'The Problem With Jon Stewart,' will include the former 'Daily Show' host grilling U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen.

Jon Stewart will be back on your TV in not more than a week. His new entry, The Problem With Jon Stewart is set to roll out globally on Apple TV+ beginning September 30.

The series is based on a single-topic public affair show that is drawing early comparisons to John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight. In the show, he will tackle issues, or ‘problems,’ including the struggle for comprehensive veteran care and better ways to support the American working class. Unlike his pearlier Comedy Central entry, which earned Stewart 22 Emmys and cult-like status among Hollywood liberals, he is expecting that the biweekly offering allows for the kind of deeper dive that he is after at this stage of his career.

Jon Stewart said to THR as part of a September cover story, “I got burnt out on the pace of The Daily Show and also just my inability to evolve it to another satisfying place.” He added, “I knew that I could play out the string, but that didn’t feel particularly satisfying for me or for the audience, and wouldn’t it be nice to give people a chance to fall in love with the show again in a different way? And then of course get disappointed with it in a different way because that’s the cycle.”

The 30-second teaser for his upcoming series attempts to give viewers a sense of what’s in the box, including a sneak peek at a lively producers meeting, and a glimpse of a panel featuring those impacted by the ‘problem’ being explored that episode, and two different sit-down interviews, one including U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs Denis McDonough and another with U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen.

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However, earlier it was an on-location interview of his Daily Show correspondents, but later Stewart insists that his Problem sit-downs require ‘a much lower level’ of difficulty.

In late August after sitting with Yellen for mere hours, he explained, “It’s not what the correspondents had to go through. I’m not plopped into, like, a parade of people against vaccines, and then I just got to fight my way out to the side.” He added, “No, it’s a quite gentlemanly one-on-one. So far, there are no fisticuffs, and any interview that doesn’t end in fisticuffs has to be considered a positive.”

Credit: Official YouTube Channel
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