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JOJI, man behind the Harlem Shake dance, releases single RUN worldwide

Joji just released his new single RUN and breaks the internet.

Joji – the man behind the viral dance on the song Harlem Shake by Bauuer, has just dropped a brand new single titled ‘Run‘ after his hit single ‘Sanctuary’ and fans are going crazy!

The Australian-Japanese singer starts of the song in a high-picthed voice, unlike his other songs, giving the song a new freshness. The song tells the heartbreaking story of a relationship wherein the girl falls out of love and the guy is trying to come to terms with this revelation.

The lyrics of the song go like: ‘I witnessed your madness, you shed light on my sins / And if we share in this sadness, then where have you been?’

‘I know you’re not in love, like you used to be / Cause I’m not the one, like you used to think / So you just run’

‘I know that it’s dark, in this misery / Guess I’m not enough, like you used to think / So I’ll just run’

The song resonates with those who are still in love with their ex or at least still have some unreciprocated feelings for their ex, even though the other person has moved on. It’s definitely a relatable song and has got fans grooving to the fresh single.

Joji first teased ‘Run‘ on January 27th  on Twitter when he tweeted a video of lava flowing which went on to become the cover art of the single.

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