John Cena To Retire From WWE After Wrestlemania 36 Match?

John Cena is gearing up to lock horns with Bray Wyatt aka The Fiend at Wrestlemania 36, but one WWE Hall of Famer claims it might be the last match in WWE for the Fast & Furious 9 star. Read below to know more.

It was towards the end of February 2020, when John Cena finally returned to WWE and gave a passionate promo about how wrestling will always be his home, despite his budding career in Hollywood.

Nevertheless, as speculated from the beginning, at the end of the moment Bray Wyatt aka The Fiend emerged and challenged John for a match at Wrestlemania 36, to which John gladly agreed! However, as it’s been quite a while since we saw Cena in practice, retirement reports are already surfacing.

The reports are further solidifying as WWE Hall Famer Mick Foley claims John could contest his final match at Wrestlemania 36. Bray, who was formerly Universal Champion, lost the title at WWE Super ShowDown to Goldberg.

While speaking about his reaction to Fiend losing his title, Mick told, “I wasn’t happy with it, but The Fiend is not someone who needs a title to define him. It’s gonna be very interesting and I think it adds another huge match as John Cena gave an impassioned promo and it leads me to believe this will be his final match. I would not be surprised to see The Fiend come out of Mania stronger than ever.”

Talking further about Bray, Foley added, I think in the future [The Fiend] does not need a title. He’s an attraction in the same way as Roddy Piper never needed a title. I didn’t care for the way it was taken off of him, but he’s a guy who always lands on his feet. I think he’ll come out of Mania just fine and he’ll be a huge star for WWE for years to come. He’s got The Mandible Claw! How could he not?”