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The Kissing Booth Star Joey King Bags A Role In Netflix’s Adaptation Of Dystopian Novel ‘Uglies’

Joey King bags a new role; The Kissing Booth star has been approached for the film adaptation of the famous YA series, Uglies, and produces it as an executive.

Joey King Bags A New Role In Netflix’s Adaptation Of Dystopian Novel ‘Uglies’

On September 29, Netflix, who is premiering the film, shared the news of Joey King‘s role in the dark adaptation.

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“An adaptation of Scott Westerfeld’s novel, the storey is set in a dystopian world where every 16 year old is subjected to an operation that conforms them to ideal beauty standards,” an official handle of the Netflix film confirmed on Twitter.

Joey King’s Role In The Film Uglies

Given the details, Joey is likely to play protagonist Tally Youngblood, a teenager who dreams of her surgically crafted beauty’s birthday and entrance into the rich, extravagant Pretties’ high society (including her childhood best friend Peris).

Later in the story Tally encounters Shay, a defiant new acquaintance who doesn’t think she’s an Ugly, and who wants to join an operation-opposing resistance group.

As she goes on a mission to find Shay and deliver her to the government, the novel tracks Tally’s own progress or faces the repercussions of never being turned into a Pretty herself.

Meanwhile talking about the best selling Dystopian Novel ‘Uglies’ the first book of Uglies was released in 2005, followed by sequels Pretties, Specials, and Extras, as well as spinoff novels Imposters, Shatter City, and Mirror’s Edge (2021 will be the last one).

Fans would definitely recall elements that are essential in the narrative, like SpagBol, hoverboards, and more.

What Is Joey’s View About The Uglies?

Deadline confirmed that Joey was a long-time fan of the series herself and for a while was eyeing the adaptation.

When The Movie Uglies Will Release?

McG (Tall Girl, The DUFF, Shadowhunters) is directing the film, which has no release date yet. Jamie King and Scott Westerfeld, along with Joey, are executive producers of the film.

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