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Jim Parsons Sheds Light On His Battle With COVID-19

Actor Jim Parsons recently opened up about being diagnosed with COVID-19. He opened up about the same while promoting his Netflix movie The Boys In The Band. During the interaction, Jim Parsons shed light on how he and his husband had their battle with the COVID-19 virus.

Speaking about the Big Bang star said, “Apparently we aren’t the kind – luckily – that it lingered with, nor did we have major, major cases, I’d say it was mild to medium, but it was a lingering thing.”

Parsons further adds, “It wasn’t like I kept saying everyone was like, they said quarantine for 14 days. If you think you have it, what was like that thing stuck around for a month to six weeks.”

The actor also mentions that neither he nor his husband Todd Spiewak didn’t lose the sense of smell or taste for two weeks.

Poking fun in the conversation, Jim said that he thought he had gotten better and even cleaned the house.

However, it was a while later he realised that he can’t smell anything at all.

Jim also mentions that he and Todd started showing coronavirus symptoms in mid-March. However, as not being aware of what it was, they thought it is a common cold.

The 47-year old actor also reveals that he tried to distract himself with painting and writing. Alas, he wasn’t able to commit to it due to poor health.

He concluded his COVID-19 battle experience by saying, “defied the descriptions.”

As of now, Jim Parsons and Todd both are in pink of health and have won their battle against COVID-19 infection.

Speaking of Jim’s Netflix film, he plays the character of Michael in the same. The plot of it revolves around how a visitor turns an evening upside down when he interrupts a gathering of gay men. This incident happens in the New York City in 1968.

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