Jessie Cave’s Reply To Professor Sprout’s Controversial Comment On Harry Potter Fandom

Professor Sprout from the Harry Potter franchise, Miriam Margolyes, said that Harry Potter is for children. It was 25 years ago; now it's over. 

No matter how many books J.K. Rowling has written, she will always be remembered for the profound literature she has gifted us. Yes, you guessed right, we are talking about none other than the great Harry Potter franchise. From millennials to Gen Z, everyone loves Harry Potter. And there is a whole community of Potterheads spread all over the world. In such a situation, a Harry Potter actress herself made a controversial comment about the Harry Potter franchise and Potterheads. Professor Sprout, played by Miriam Margolyes, said that adults should not be fans of the franchise.

She made a comment on all those who are part of the Harry Potter fandom, even after getting older. She commented, “I worry about Harry Potter fans. Because they should be over that by now. I mean, it was 25 years ago, and it’s for children. I think it’s for children. But they get stuck in it.”

Miriam shared that she is grateful to be a part of the wonderful Harry Potter franchise. She has attended many Harry Potter themed functions as a cameo, but now she wanted fans to know that it’s over.

On the other hand, Jessie Cave, who played Lavender Brown, Ron Weasley’s girlfriend, slammed Miriam’s controversial comment. She expressed her dislike over Miriam’s statement, saying, “I really don’t like that she said that. It’s just such an amazing thing what Harry Potter has done. It’s created a community. It’s created a fan base that has aged and is still bonded through this thing, and it’s passed on to younger people and younger generations and that’s what’s so amazing.” She ended up saying, “So that’s OK and just let her be.”

Harry Potter’s fandom isn’t slowing down till date and there will be a TV adaptation of this series on HBO Max that will release in 2026

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