Jeremy Renner’s First Interview After His Snowplough Accident 

Actor Jeremy Renner is all set for his first interview after a snowplough accident, ahead of the premiere of his upcoming show Rennervations. 

American actor Jeremy Renner is prepared to conduct his first interview following his horrific snowplough accident earlier this year, which resulted in massive chest damage and numerous orthopedic injuries. Speaking with Diane Sawyer, he discusses the tragedy, his rehabilitation, and his experiences. A few days before the release of his new Disney+ series Rennervations, Jeremy Renner: The Diane Sawyer Interview – A Tale of Fear, Survival, and Triumph. 

Jeremy can be heard wailing in pain during the 911 call that was made after the accident, which is included in a teaser trailer for the interview.

Jeremy responded, “All of it,” when asked how much of the pain he can recall. He also added that he was awake every second. The Hawkeye actor continued, “I’d do it again.” “You’d do it again?” Sawyer questioned. Well, I’d do it again, the 52-year-old actor retorted. Because my nephew was being directly hit by the snowplough.

In addition to the audio from the 911 call made following the accident, which can be heard moaning in pain, a teaser trailer for the interview has also been made public.

When asked how much of the agony he can recall, Jeremy responded, “All of it,” adding that he was awake throughout the entire experience. Moreover, the Hawkeye star said he “would do it again.” You’d repeat it?, Sawyer questioned. Well, I’d do it again, the actor, 52, retorted. Because my nephew was directly in the path of the snowplough.

Jeremy Renner also disclosed that eight ribs were broken in 14 places. Broken bones in the right knee, right ankle, left leg tibia, left ankle, right clavicle, and right shoulder. Broken bones in the face, mouth, and mandible. The lung gave out. Your liver has been punctured from the rib bone, which is horrifying.

According to Jeremy, he “chose to survive” the collision. That won’t harm me in any way, he declared. I have lost a lot of bone and flesh in this journey, but I have also gained titanium and been refuelled.

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