Jennifer Lopez travels by plane despite problems in her marriage with Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez is revealing her more relatable nature amidst her ongoing problems in her marriage with Ben Affleck.

Jennifer Lopez has recently opted for a commercial flight, abandoning the comfort of private aircraft. TMZ has gathered images and footage of Jennifer’s trip to Europe, particularly her journey from Naples to Paris on Saturday. Astonishingly, she traveled on a standard aircraft, sharing the space with fellow travelers.

Jennifer was accompanied by a bodyguard who occupied the aisle seat next to her, choosing to remain isolated. Even in the midst of the busy environment, she appeared unaffected and proceeded with the standard airport tasks as any other passenger. Before her journey, Jennifer  Lopez was photographed in Italy, relishing a solo adventure without her partner. She spent moments with pals by the picturesque Positano shore, appearing content and at ease.

While Jennifer was traveling in Europe, Ben remained in Los Angeles. He spent quality time with his son and also made a visit to their family home, even though he had to navigate through some paparazzi trouble. It seems the couple is moving in the direction of getting a divorce and is said to be in the process of selling their $60 million property in Beverly Hills.

While Jennifer and Ben have been spotted at family gatherings lately, they are at the moment enjoying their own company. Jennifer’s solo trips indicate she’s dedicating some time to self-reflection. Taking a flight commercially is a big shift for the celebrity, yet it appears to be an ideal method for her to seek tranquility and solitude.

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