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Jennifer Lopez Gushes About Beau Ben Affleck’s ‘Amazing’ Performance In The Tender Bar

Jennifer Lopez recalled a particular scene from the movie The Tender Bar and praises Ben Affleck's amazing performance.

Jennifer Lopez has recently shown her support for Ben Affleck and his latest movie The Tender Bar. The 52-year-old songstress took to Instagram to unveil a press box she received from the movie, during which she spoke to her boyfriend’s ‘amazing’ performance. However, the Good Will Hunting actor, 49, spoke publicly about Lopez and her social media presence, which he called ‘really striking.’

The Hustlers star revealed a sweet gift she had received which showed a handwritten note and some custom memorabilia as well as some beer. “This is adorable,” she said while showing off the press box. “Oh. A little note to me on what the movie’s based on, all this stuff from the movie in here. Cute.”

Jennifer Lopez then continued to recall a moment in the movie where Ben and actor Daniel Ranieri do a scene in a bowling alley while showing a small set of bowling pins and a lane. “There’s a great scene in a bowling alley with Ben and the little boy Ranieri. Ben plays his uncle and they’re both amazing in the movie. If you haven’t seen it, you should.”

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JLO had been on her actor beau’s arm at the Los Angeles premiere of the Amazon Studios film but continued to speak fondly of his acting a month later. And Ben Affleck spoke highly of his mega-famous girlfriend and how she was a force to be reckoned with on Instagram.

The Tender Bar actor stated to the Los Angeles Times, “Getting to experience Jennifer Lopez’s life now and seeing the degree to which a massive social media presence how that’s valued, how that’s perceived by the people who are willing to invest a bunch of money in what you’re doing is really striking.” “I’m not sure the option to have 300 million followers was ever available to me, but that ship has probably sailed now,” he joked.

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