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Jennifer Lawrence Calls Pete Davidson Most Famous Celebrity In The World

Jennifer Lawrence recently gushed that 'the biggest celebrities in the world are, like, Pete Davidson.'

It seems like almost every celebrity is starstruck by Pete Davidson and Jennifer Lawrence is no exception. In the latest interview, Lawrence revealed who is on her list and who has made her do a double take in the past.

Sharing on the same, the actress gushed, “To me, the biggest celebrities in the world are, like, Pete Davidson.” Jennifer also gushed about Ariana Grande, saying, “Or when Ariana Grande was in my last film, Don’t Look Up, I was photographed with her, and I fully look like a radio contest winner. I would be starstruck if I saw Jessica Simpson. That would knock me over.”

Lawrence is just one of many celebs who can’t help but gush over Davidson. Previously, Kaley Cuoco, who worked with the actor on Meet Cute, also got candid about Davidson’s charm during the film’s premiere in September. “Honestly he’s just he’s just a really sweet human being,” Cuoco shared.

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She added, “Especially shooting here in New York, he has a lot of fans, and I mean mobs of people as we were shooting, and the guy stops for every single person, he takes a photo with every person, he signs every autograph.” “He’s really generous when it comes to that, and it’s a really sweet side to him,” she said, adding that his jovial friendliness was equally present on set during filming.

The actress added, “He’s so funny that all we did was laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh, so it was it was pretty cool.” For the unversed, Pete Davison is a former SNL star and has appeared in several movies. The actor is also known for his romantic relationship with A-list celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski, Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande and more.

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