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Jennifer Aniston Warns Brad Pitt To Quit Playing Games?

Reports suggest that Jennifer Aniston has warned Brad Pitt to quit playing games or else she will end the friendship. Read below to know more.

From the past couple of weeks Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have been hitting the headlines for many different reasons. The former couple has now again garnered attention owing to the entire Alia Shawkat drama Reports suggest that the FRIENDS alum is tired of her ex-husband’s action has even warned him to quit playing games or else she will end the friendship.

Jennifer Aniston apparently has gotten tired of her ex-husband constantly dwindling and playing games with her. The rumors suggest that Brad Pitt is quarantining with Jen, however, the pictures of Alia Shawkat outside his gated community have a whole different tale to narrate!

A source close to National Enquirer now reveals that Brad Pitt has been given an ultimatum by The Morning Show actress. Talking about the Christmas Party which was attended by the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor at Jennifer Aniston’s house, a source reveals, “Jen hoped this was a sign of betting things to come, that maybe they would even get back together. She’s even told him she has no intention of maintaining a friendship, let alone a romance if he continues to play games!”

Talking about the on-going scenario the source said that Brad Pitt calls Jennifer Aniston randomly once in a while. Although he does miss her rest of the time but acts like nothing at all has happened in front of her. The source further added, “He acts like nothing’s going on, asking Jen how things are, being all flirty but everyone knows Alia Shawkat has been staying over at his place and hanging with him nonstop.”

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Well, there have been several speculations about Brad’s relationship with Alia Shawkat, nothing yet has been confirmed. On the other hand, some reports suggest that Brad and Jen are trying to rekindle their fizzled romance.

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