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Jennifer Aniston Jokes About Her ‘Wrinkle-Free’ Dior Gown At The 2020 SAG Awards Before Reuniting With Brad Pitt

Jennifer Aniston’s ‘wrinkle-free- gown on the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2020 took a lot more effort than meets the eye!

The Morning Show star shared her secret with the world of how she managed to keep wrinkles off her gorgeous bridal-esque satin Dior gown in a picture she posted on Instagram after the award ceremony. In the picture, Jen is seen sitting in her car, or rather leaning back in the backseat of her car with the seat fully reclined all the way back.

The photo was taken a little before the Friends star was on her way to collect her “Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series award. Jen also sticks out a “peace” sign in the picture with a huge smile painted across her face in spite of the uncomfortable position she was in. Well, this goes to show Queen Bey was right when she once said, “Pretty Hurts.”

“No wrinkles… harder than it looks!” Jen playfully captioned the picture. It was definitely worth it as the actress showed up with her gorgeous and not to forget ‘wrinkle-free’ gown looking absolutely stunning. In the next picture, however, Jen seemed to have let her hair down later in the night as her gown was noticeably stained along the hems of her dress. Jen placed her SAG Award and her now-stained Dior gown on the rim of her marble bathtub, while her stilettos from the award show were seen fallen on the floor beside the bathtub.

Apart from Jen’s big win at the award show, another moment that made headlines was the great ‘Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston reunion’. An eyewitness of this legendary moment revealed to a leading daily “They both embraced in a big long hug. They exchanged pleasantries and were visibly excited for each other. The energy they both were showing each other was as electric as possible. You can tell there is a massive respect there. They didn’t stay long as they were whisked away back towards the show room and they both signed a SAG Awards sign that all the winners have signed.”

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