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Jason Earles Gets Candid On The Possibility Of Hannah Montana Reboot

Hannah Montana star Jason Earles said the show really isn't possible without the participation of his on-screen sister Miley Cyrus.

Hannah Montana first debuted on the Disney channel in 2006, and it instantly became fans’ favourite teen series ever. While fans are eagerly waiting for Hannah Montana’s reboot, one of its lead stars, Jason Earles, who played the role of Miley Cyrus’ brother, revealed what needs to happen before a reboot. In an interview with E! News, the Disney Channel alum revealed that he isn’t ruling out a revival of the hit teen sitcom, but noted that there are some possibilities for it to happen.

The actor said, “A Hannah spin-off, sequel or reimagining makes a lot of sense. I think the right people would have to be involved.” Moreover, Jason said the show really isn’t possible without the participation of his on-screen sister Miley Cyrus. The High Musical series star added, “I think that it’s something that maybe down the road Miley would be excited about, but it really hinges upon her.” He continued, “She has a much better relationship with the show now than she did when we finished.”

Since Disney aired the last episode of Hannah Montana, Miley has shed her child star image and while noting that Jason shared, “She’s really confident in who she is now. I don’t think that people just associate her with this thing she was trying to break out of.” Because of Miley’s appreciation for “the fan love for the show,” Jason theorized that the Hannah Montana lead may possibly decide to explore “some version” of a reboot.

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And don’t expect a spin-off starring just Jason, as he stated, “I don’t think it really makes a lot of sense if she’s not involved, because she really is the heart of the whole thing.” On the 15th anniversary of the show’s premiere, Miley penned a heartfelt note celebrating her alter-ego. However, after the end of the show, Miley focused on her singing career and she also starred in movies and series. Meanwhile, Jason Earles recently starred in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, which debuted its third season on July 27 on Disney+.

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