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Jared Leto Reveals He Once Got Fired From A Movie Theater Job For Selling Weed

"I actually worked at a movie theater when I was a kid and I got fired for selling weed out the back door," revealed Jared Leto.

Jared Leto has been a Hollywood heartthrob for years. However, Suicide Squad star set his fans’ pulses racing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week. The agelessly dashing 49-year-old actor made some surprising revelations while playing a Burning Questions game with Ellen.

“Besides showering, name three things you do naked,” the question went, prompting Jared to somewhat bashfully raise the curtain on his private life while playing the round. Jared dished that he sleeps in the buff and added that “I eat naked often,” rounding off the list with of course “making whoopee.”

Over the course of the game, Leto also shared that he kept the dummy of his own severed head that he carried around at the camp-themed Met Gala. His home was “the last place I saw it,” but he suspects he “may have lost it, just for clarity” and Ellen joked, “You lost your head.” Jared also let slip that there is a guillotine in his house but said that “I’m not gonna elaborate on that,” pivoting to the fact he keeps almond milk at home.

Meanwhile, the Dallas Buyers Club Oscar-winner was also tempted into revealing his childhood celebrity crushes, Barbara Eden, Vanna White, and Christopher Walken. During his interview with Ellen, he plugged his new movie House Of Gucci in which he forms the comic centerpiece.

Lady Gaga stars in the film as Patrizia Reggiani, who married Maurizio Gucci in the 1970s and had him killed by a hitman in 1995 a decade after their divorce. Adam Driver plays Maurizio while Jared steals the show as his cousin Paolo, who is portrayed as a naive but narcissistic fool.

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Moreover, Jared revealed that he was actually sent the script for another character, and “when I read it I thought, ‘Wow, there’s something to this character.’ I really just fell in love with his heart and his humor.” Meanwhile, when Ellen asked if he was first approached to play Maurizio he replied that he can’t remember but acknowledged that was his ‘polite answer.’

However, Jared Leto Joker trumpeted the exclusive theatrical release and gossiped, “I actually worked at a movie theater when I was a kid and I got fired for selling weed out the back door,” Jared quipped, “I was just an entrepreneur!” and Ellen added, “You were hustling! You were trying to sell popcorn and weed at the same time what’s wrong with that? They go well together,” said the Requiem For A Dream and Suicide Squad actor with a smile, adding coyly, ‘Some say.’

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