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James Cameron Teases ‘Avatar 3’ Will Feature Evil Na’vi

James Cameron teased that they will also explore new worlds while continuing the story of the main characters in Avatar 3.

The highly anticipated sequel, Avatar: The Way Of Water, continues to dominate the box office. During its first two weeks in theatres, Avatar 2 grossed more than $1 billion at the global box office. Moreover, the more-than-three-hour sci-fi film made $712.7 million internationally as of December 28.

However, the film’s director, James Cameron recently teased Avatar 3. The director revealed that the third part of the franchise will take the franchise in a new and dark! directions. Cameron also revealed that the next instalment in the film franchise will feature ‘different cultures from those I have already shown.’

The actor added, “The fire will be represented by the ‘Ash People.’ I want to show the Na’vi from another angle because, so far, I have only shown their good sides.” James Cameron also shared that in the early films, there are very negative human examples and very positive Na’vi examples. In Avatar 3, they will do the opposite. The Titanic director further teased that they will also explore new worlds while continuing the story of the main characters.

Cameron revealed, “I can say that the last parts will be the best. The others were an introduction, a way to set the table before serving the meal.” Previously, Sam Worthington revealed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that between 80% and 90% of Avatar 3 has already been filmed. Worthington revealed, “We’ve filmed about 80%, 90% of three. We’re still owing some scenes.”

The actor also added that there were some scenes already filmed for Avatar 4, simply because they involved kids that would be too old if they waited. “And in Four we did a few scenes because the kids were ageing out, so we have to do it before they get a bit older,” Worthington explained. He added there is a fifth film in the works, ‘if we’re lucky enough to get it,’ adding, ‘We’re not arrogant enough to assume it’s going to connect.’

“We really hope so because we love the movie and hope other people do too,” Worthington continued. Avatar 3 is currently slated for release on December 20, 2024, with the fourth film tentatively slated for December 18, 2026. Director Cameron has stated that he has alternate plans to wrap up the franchise with Avatar 3 if The Way of Water isn’t a huge hit at the box office.

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