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Jackson Wang Is ‘Proud’ Of BTS’s Global Success. Here’s Why!

The 28 year old singer-rapper from the K-Pop group GOT7 shared this thoughts recently about the whole K-Pop industry, sharing how BTS's global success has made him proud.

Jackson Wang is not an unfamiliar name anymore, the rapper-singer has been steadily making progress in career, gaining fans and becoming an international icon. The 28 year old was once a part of successful Kpop group, and still is, just the group members decided to concentrate ore on their solo careers than work as a group for quite sometime but would surely make a comeback as a group in the future soon. Since then, Jackson has been concentrating on his solo career, his latest track ‘Blow’ has gained 15 million views in just a span of few days.

Talking about his journey, he revealed how the K-Pop industry has been so enthusiastically accepted by the western media. He says, “Definitely put this in: K-Pop is not good because it’s K-Pop. K-Pop is good because it’s good music — it’s good quality. There’s no such thing as American artists. Yes there is, but at the end of the day music is music. The thing that matters is how many people can relate to that? That proves a lot of people can relate to K-Pop. That’s the answer, that’s what I think.”

Upon being asked about his perception of BTS and their worldwide success, he said, “Damn, such pride. One of the members RM, the leader, despite the fact that we grew up together, that’s such a pride. It’s not even about music anymore. Artists like BTS, like Blackpink, I respect them in art. The direction that they’re going, me as an audience watching, I’m proud.”

For the unversed, Jackson and RM have been very close buddies,their cute friendship and they bond they shared have been loved across all fandoms. “I goof off often, and I joke around. I’m more aggressive. RM is pretty calm, and he is very smart. He doesn’t talk too much, but whatever he says, it just feels right. He’s like the conclusion to me.” he shares about his friendship with Namjoon.

Jackson also shared about his opinions on the future of K-pop, he said, “K-Pop will definitely last forever. J-Pop will last forever. You never know what happens tomorrow, right? To me, I personally think it’ll keep evolving. I just wish that entertainment has nothing to do with any other stuff, because entertainment is entertainment and is supposed to make people happy.”

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He also previously, on multiple occasions, expressed his love for India and his Indian fans. He has time and again expressed his love of Bollywood and the Indian dialect. Sharing his plans of visiting the country, he said, “IT WAS A PART OF THE DISCUSSION In MEETINGS. Cuz i mentioned it too many times. It’s my honor and I would love to visit all of you in every country. Trying my best but time is limited at the moment.”

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