Jack Depp Spotted Enjoying A Romantic Stroll With GF Camille Jansen In Paris

Jack Depp grows up looking just like his dad, Johnny Depp, and recently spotted with his girlfriend in these new images of the teenager out and about!

Johnny Depp ‘s son, Jack Depp, has remained mostly out of the spotlight throughout his father’s career, but on May 21, photographers spotted Jack while out in Paris. He was joined by Camille Jansen, 20, a beautiful French social media personality.

In the recent pics Jack looks just like his famous father, where he walks alongside Camille while walking down France’s streets. The pair wore comfortable outfits and there were no obvious signs of PDA although they walked close to each other.

Camille also posted a photograph of herself and Jack on Instagram for his on 18th birthday in April. He’s lying in front of her in the picture, while her arms are wrapped around his neck.  “Happy birthday my love,” she captured the picture with a number of emojis, including a red heart.

Jack ‘s sister, Lily-Rose Depp, also posted a rare, shirtless picture of Jack on her Instagram page for the occasion, and fans couldn’t get over Johnny’s resemblance in him. Shortly after posting it she removed the message.

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Jack is social distancing with Lily and their mother, Vanessa Paradis amid the coronavirus in Paris. Johnny and Vanessa met in 1998, welcomed Lily-Rose the next year, and then Jack back in 2002. The two never got married but were together until 2012, when their separation was announced.

While Jack remained out of the spotlight, Lily-Rose followed in the footsteps of her parents by pursuing an acting career and starred in movies such as Tusk, The King and The Dancer. Johnny stated during an interview in 2014 that Jack “hasn’t shown any desire to become an actor.” However, he did add that his son “draws.”

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