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It’s Kristen Stewart’s Birthday! Check Out Her Best Movies Of All Time

Kristen Stewart is turning 32 on April 9 and her birthday is the perfect day to stream her best movies of all time.

Kristen Stewart kicked off her acting career with Twilight in 2008. And since then she has starred in tons of movies. However, she has also won an Oscar for Best Actress category for starring in Spencer, in which she plays Princess Diana during a particularly troubling Christmas holiday not long before her divorce from Prince Charles.

Kristen wowed critics with her take on the beloved royal during one of her darkest times in Spencer. But this is far from the first time Kristen has received acclaim for her work, whether from movie insiders or her many fans. On 9 April, Kristen Stewart is turning 32! On her birthday, watch her best movies of all time.

Recently released movie, Spencer is Kristen’s most acclaimed role and the one that brought her first Oscar. If you haven’t yet watched, expect a powerful portrayal of Princess Diana and unforgettable use of ‘All I Need Is a Miracle.’

Credit: Official YouTube Channel Of Prime Video AU & NZ

It seems unnatural to leave the sparkly vampire series off a list of Kristen’s best movies. It meant a lot for her career and a lot to its many passionate fans as she got fame from the Twilight franchise. So the 2008 original must gets a shout-out.

Credit: Official YouTube Channel Of The Twilight Saga

Panic Room
Though 2002’s Panic Room wasn’t Kristen’s very first movie role, it is the one that first brought her major attention as an actor. In the thriller, Kristen stars as the daughter of Jodie Foster’s character as they try to outsmart burglars in their home in a panic room.

Credit: Official YouTube Channel Of Movieclips Classic Trailers

The year after the first Twilight movie, Kristen costarred with Jesse Eisenberg in Adventureland, about two young adults suffering through an annoying job at a theme park and partying and falling in love in 1987.

Credit: Official YouTube Channel Of Movieclips Classic Trailers

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Personal Shopper
2016 was another busy year for Kristen. In addition to Certain Women, she received critical acclaim for her role in Personal Shopper, a thriller about a woman who tries to communicate supernaturally with her dead twin brother.

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