‘It Is A Goodbye For Millie Bobby Brown’; She Talks About The Final Season Of Stranger Things

Godzilla actress vs. Kong stated that she is ready for this chapter of her life to end and new ones to open.

Millie Bobby Brown said that she is very ready to say goodbye to Hawkins”. In an interview with Seventeen magazine, on Tuesday, the Stranger Things star opened up about the upcoming fifth and final season of Stranger Things.

“I’m definitely done,” she said. “I feel like a lot of history has been told now, and we know it’s been a long time in our lives.” Brown rose to fame after her breakout role as Eleven at age 12 on the hit Netflix series. Created by Matt and Ross Duffer, the sci-fi show was aired on OTT in 2016, and Sadie Sink joined the gang in Hawkins in season two.

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Godzilla vs. Kong actress stated that she is ready for this chapter of her life to end and new ones to open. “I can write stories that are important to me and focus on the big picture,” she added.”But I’m very grateful [for the program].” (Hollywood Reporter)

Brown isn’t the first Stranger Things star to be open about the season finale. The actor Harbour, who plays Jim Hopper, told Discussing Film in February that after “almost nine years of filming the first season… [I think] it’s time to wrap it up.” “It’s time for us to leave this nest and try other things and other projects,” she added. “And let the Duffer brothers try different things too. I mean these guys are so talented. I want to see what they come up with next. So it’s bittersweet, but it’s definitely about time.” (Hollywood Reporter)

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Last year on the Today Show, Sadie Sink said, “To think that we have to say goodbye to this security and knowing we won’t see each other for another season is scary and sad, but I think it’s exciting.” to go to the next chapter.