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Is Zendaya Pregnant? Know The Truth!

A video surfaced on social media claiming that Zendaya is pregnant. However, Zendaya reacts to the clip and revealed the truth.

Rumours that Zenday is pregnant have been swirling for the last few days on social media. However, Zendaya has weighed in after a TikTok prank that claimed she was pregnant went viral. The video, which appears to have popped up earlier this week, featured a fake sonogram photo that was photoshopped to look as if the actress had posted it herself.

The original videos were part of a prank called getting ‘Krissed.’ The video opened with an image of a fake sonogram image showing a fetus, with Zendaya’s profile image photoshopped in to make it look as if she had posted the picture. Moreover, there’s a fake caption that was meant to look as if the actress had written it. The fake caption reads, “I love you. Halfway there.” To make the image look real, a fake comment with heart emojis from Marisa Tomei was added.

Meanwhile, at the end of the video cut to a clip of Kris Jenner dancing in a green sequined top, which was soundtracked to a sped-up version of Lady Marmalade. The video text reads, “You just got Krissed! Send this to your friends to #Kris them!!” However, some users who saw the clip didn’t understand that it was a joke, especially after it started popping up on Twitter, where the format apparently wasn’t as common.

The prank has been previously to briefly fool viewers into believing a hoax, only to reveal that it was false at the end. However, fans are not only the ones who believed that Zendaya is pregnant. Rapper Lil Nas X was reliably hilarious as he reacted to the prank on Twitter on Wednesday morning. The rapper Twitted, “i hate twitter because i’m sitting her about to congratulate zendaya via dm about a baby that doesn’t exist.”

While debunking all the rumours, the Euphoria actress took to her Instagram Stories and complained that people are ‘just making stuff up for no reason.’ She penned, See now this is why I stay off Twitter.” Zendaya added, “Just making stuff up for no reason, weekly.” The actress gives updates about her work while writing in another separate Instagram story, “back to filming… Challengers.”

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