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Is THIS Ben Affleck’s Secret Instagram Account In Real?

The display picture appears to deepen speculation that it is the account of Affleck, as it shows a picture of the actor cuddling with his girlfriend De Armas.Read more below.

Hollywood star Ben Affleck is on Instagram as his fan has found his private account, followed by his girlfriend Ana de Armas and the actress Jennifer Garner and ex-wife. Kelsey Weekman, the social media user and writer, has revealed Affleck ‘s hidden Instagram account, reports mirror.co.uk.“I found ben affleck’s finsta,” she wrote along with the account’s screenshot.

The account is run by a person called ‘Ben’ and comes with the name of the handle — @positiveattitudehunting, which appears to be a node to his 1997 movie ‘Good Will Hunting.’ There are only three followers to the account including De Armas and Garner. Who the third person is, is ambiguous.

The display picture appears to strengthen speculation that it is the account of Affleck, as it shows a picture of the actor snuggling with his girlfriend De Armas. The bio for the Instagram account reads: “Just a dad who sometimes makes movies”, along with a link to Affleck’s charity foundation.

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The private account also follows 14 individuals and holds 35 private messages. Fans of Affleck are excited about the mystery over his presence on social media.“who!!!!!!!!!!!!! makes their finsta photo one of THEMSELVES, much less one so irritating!” one fan wrote.“This is the content I need. We need the identity of that third follower,” the other shared.

While the third said “I would honestly give anything to have access to see what he is posting because like, you just KNOW it is insufferable based on his profile pic.”

Affleck and De Armas met in 2019 while working together on Deep Water, a psychological thriller. Though he is a winner of the Academy Award with a long history of being in the media spotlight, De Armas has risen to fame with a key role in Knives Out, and will soon feature in the forthcoming James Bond movie No Time to Die.

Recently, De Armas shared pics of herself at the beach, to which Affleck commented, via his official account, on “photo credit pls.” During the coronavirus lockdown, the actors were spotted many times together.

Meanwhile, Garner has been claimed to be happy for Affleck and De Armas recently. The 48-year-old actor, who shares Affleck with Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel, is pleased Affleck is in a “good and healthy place,” reports usmagazine.com.

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