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Is Emma Watson Debuting Her Career As filmmaker?

Emma Watson took up a new hobby during the pandemic and now hints at a new job role as a filmmaker in the recent social media post.

Emma Watson took to Instagram on Tuesday to share snaps with a camera that hints at a career behind the lens. The Harry Potter star, 31, took up a new hobby during the pandemic but now teases a new job role as a filmmaker in the social media post. However, She confessed in her caption that she finds the camera skills that she learned during lockdown ’empowering.’ The actress who is best known for playing Hermione in the wizarding franchise, finds being in front of the camera ‘glamorous’ she confessed that it is something else to be able to tell her own story.

She penned in the caption of the post, “Getting behind the camera and learning how it works is about the most empowering thing I’ve learned in lockdown.” She continues, “As a young woman, I always thought the most glamorous and exciting thing would be to be someone’s ‘muse’; and of course as women, we are inspiring… but wow it’s something else to be able to tell your own story and other peoples’.’ Emma glowed in the pictures, which saw her wearing a khaki wax jacket and blue jeans while a camera was attached to her body with a harness and hook. She wore brown Chelsea boots while her dark blonde bob was styled in a side parting.

Emma Watson has starred in various roles since the character of Hermione including Sam in The Perks of Being a Wallflower and more recently as Meg in Little Women. She has also used her social media to promote sustainable and environmental living. However, in 2011, she created Pure Threads- a green capsule collection in collaboration with Italian designer Alberta Ferretti. Meanwhile, in 2017, she also created an Instagram account called the Press Tour, to document her sustainable outfits and encourage her fans to go green as well.

Although, according to Deadline, she told Vogue in 2010, “I will work for anyone for free if they’re prepared to make their clothing fair trade and organic.” However, Emma lent her name to a line of clothing for ethical brand People Tree and last year, she joined the board of directors of Kering, a luxury brand group, in her capacity as an advocate for sustainable fashion. Her Instagram is currently being taken over by a Feminist Collective for the COP 26 summit which is being held in Glasgow. The collective has been posting on behalf of Emma in the past week and has been raising awareness of the event and various environmental issues.

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