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Is Demi Lovato Dating Max Ehrich?

Reports hint that Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich are dating. Read below to know more.

Demi Lovato reminds us that self-isolation does not mean that there can’t be a certain romanticism in life. During the time of quarantine, the singer expresses love as she hints that she is dating Max Ehrich. The two stars have sparked and fuelled the rumors of dating via their social media accounts over the past few days.

While fans have been speculating, a source confirmed that the ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ singer and The Young and the Restless actor are indeed dating.

News about Demi’s love life comes three months after she broke up with Austin Wilson. In December, the duo called it quits.

As per reports, the new Hollywood lovebirds were spotted out, just about a week ago in LA. An international outlet was told by a source that their relationship is off to a good start.

 Max Ehrich shares a Disney connection with Demi. Max was a backup dancer in High School Musical 3. 

Max recently took to Instagram and shared pictures on his stories with a few friends. The dogs featured on Max’s s stories are images of Demi’s dogs Batman and Elle.

Apart from that, Max took to Instagram to hint he hasn’t packed enough clothes to self-quarantine. “when u realize u should’ve packed more for your quarantine stay,” he captioned a shirtless photo. Demi commented, “Fine by me…” 

Well, the truth remains under wraps between Demi and Max, but if the rumors are true then the two will surely make an adorable couple.

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