‘Inside Out 2’ Eyes Record-Breaking $295 Million Box Office Collection Globally

Inside Out 2, Pixar’s much-anticipated sequel, is set to break records with a projected global box office collection total of $295 million. This marks a significant rebound for Pixar and Disney, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the film studios.

The film was slated for release on June 14, 2024, strategically timed for Father’s Day weekend, which is expected to boost its opening weekend performance. According to Deadline, early projections estimate that the movie could achieve a domestic opening weekend between $80 million and $85 million, surpassing other major 2024 releases such as Dune: Part Two and Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire.

Directed by Kelsey Mann, Inside Out 2 features a star-studded voice cast, including Amy Poehler as Joy, Phyllis Smith as Sadness, and new characters voiced by Maya Hawke and Ayo Edebiri. The film continues the story of Riley and her emotions, promising both humour and depth, which have been well-received in early screenings​ .

The original Inside Out, released in 2015, was a massive success, grossing $90.4 million in its opening weekend and accumulating $858.8 million worldwide. It also won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, setting high expectations for its sequel. Pete Docter, Pixar’s Chief Creative Officer, expressed optimism about the sequel’s potential impact. “I can’t imagine having a better chance at a big box office than this because it’s a known movie and characters that meant something to people,” Docter toldFiction Horizon.

Inside Out 2 is particularly crucial for Pixar and Disney as they aim to bounce back from several underperforming releases during the pandemic. Recent films like Elemental (2023) and Wish (2023) did not meet box office expectations, making this sequel’s success vital for the studios’ financial health and future projects​​.

In addition to domestic success, the Inside Out (2015) sequel is expected to perform well internationally, contributing significantly to its projected $295 million global earnings. The film’s strong emotional appeal and innovative storytelling are anticipated to resonate with audiences worldwide, reaffirming Pixar’s reputation for creating impactful animated features​.

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