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Ian And Paul’s Blood Brothers Cocktail Inspired From Damon Stefan

Most amazing news update set to take fans back to nostalgia of The Vampire Diaries right away is that Ian and Paul's blood brothers cocktail inspired from Damon Stefan (CW, TVD, 2009 - 2017).

Fans who still love the cult and hit teen supernatural series The Vampire Diaries (CW, 2009 – 2017), can’t forget this iconic catchphrase of both the hot vampire brothers Damon Salvatore and Stefan Salvatore which is ‘Hello, brother. Care for a cocktail’ and another exciting update here is that TVD fame Ian and Paul’s blood brothers cocktail inspired from Damon Stefan.

Most amazing scoop of day for ardent fans of the Salvatore brothers is that Ian and Paul’s blood brothers cocktail inspired from Damon Stefan.

This is indeed going to take all fans down the memory lane and evoke some major The Vampire Diaries nostalgia as Ian and Paul’s blood brothers cocktail inspired from Damon Stefan.

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Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley’s bourbon titled ‘Brothers Bond’ is surely going to bring back all the memories related to The Vampire Diaries nostalgia as not only are both the ace hollywood stars working together again but also because they crafted a signature cocktail inspired from Damon and Stefan Salvatore.

Brothers Bond is creative lovechild of both Ian and Paul since playing Salvatore brothers in eight seasons of The Vampire Diaries indeed created a strong bonding between them and during the COVID 19 pandemic they both decided it was high time that they both should start working together again and which is reason that their own liquor, a bourbon brand came into existence.

A fitting business venture we all know how Damon and Stefan were actually drinking Bourbon throughout the eight seasons of TVD on CW but they weren’t actually drinking it whilst filming and the glasses of straight bourbon fans saw them have were actually iced tea and in a recent interview with a global entertainment magazine, Paul disclosed that they had actually switched to decaffeinated iced tea in season 2 and sharing this memory Paul said, “So, the entire first season, I couldn’t sleep. I was jittery, I was nervous. Turns out, I was just consuming so much caffeine. Man, I was losing it”.

Touting the bourbon as apt homage to their characters, the Brother’s Bond website says, “The bonds of our friendship strengthened while drinking bourbon. For years, we dreamed of making our own bourbon and how we wanted it to taste. We imagined it would be easy to drink and smooth on the tongue. Like a big warm hug of robust flavors, it would have subtle nutty spice notes that eases you into a complex, warming finish; the perfect bourbon experience. We envisioned our bourbon being enjoyed neat and tasting exceptional. After years of exploration, we made our dreams a reality with Brother’s Bond Bourbon”.

In an interview mentioning about how one of their favorite cocktail is the Blood Brothers cocktail, Ian said, “Blood Brothers is really our take on a classic whiskey sour. And the reason whiskey sours have been consumed for 100+ years is ’cause a) it’s really nice. Typically, bourbon is going to be really a lot stronger than ours and this really balances it out. That woodiness of the bourbon is really nicely balanced out with the citrus and the sweet. We love to put Port wine on top of it. What’s cool is wine comes down and really just makes this and gives this incredible flavor”.

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