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How Bill Skarsgård transformed into Pennywise

Bill Skarsgard’s character Pennywise in IT Chapter 2 was amazing and here is how he transformed into the look.

Andy Muschietti, the director of the movie IT Chapter 2 saya that they had to ring something more dangerous this time, from the character Pennywise. Andy was impressed with Bill in his audition itself. Bill came in a clown outfit for the audition of this character as the character was about an ancient shape-shifter who was in a character of the clown Pennywise. 

Here is how Bill transformed into Pennywise.

1) Understanding the character

According to Bill, he had to understand the character completely before portraying it. Bill took his time and made a detailed study of the character from Stephan King’s original novel to understand the likes and dislikes of Pennywise.

2) The Abstract Preparation

Before the shoot for the movie had begun, Bill had already started rehearsing his character. Bill had the whole makeup and costume done for his rehearsal as he did not know how he looked in the character and how he had to perform his actions and voice modulations required for the character.

3) The Evil Smile

After all the costume and makeup work, the character still had to look convincingly evil. The demonic smile of Pennywise is Bill’s own contribution to the character without any special effects. The lower lip drop was the specialty of the smile. Bill says that he had the habit of doing such lip drop since childhood which proved useful for Pennywise.

A lot more aspects made the character attractive and horrifying at the same time.

4) The perfect costume by Janie Bryant

5) The childish behavior

6) The Physical appearance, etc.

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