Hollywood Actress Scarlett Johansson Joins the Jurassic World Franchise

The MCU Star Received a Surprise Video Featuring Dr Ian Maclom

Scarlett Johansson officially joined the Jurassic World franchise in a thrilling development for movie enthusiasts. The MCU actress received a warm surprise welcome from Jeff Goldblum during the interview with NBC’s Today for her upcoming film Fly Me to the Moon.

When Johansson mentioned being a “huge nerd” of the popular Dinosaur film franchise, she was told, “Somebody wanted to welcome you aboard to the team.” The actress smiled when the video of Jeff Goldblum was played on air. “Dr Johansson, this is Jeff Goldblum,” he in his trademark glasses and a dinosaur sweater, said. “Here’s what I want to say to you. This I know: Scarlett will find a way. Don’t get eaten, unless you want to. I love you.” The veteran actor referred to the popular line he commonly delivered in the Jurrasic films, “Life finds a way.”

Scarlett Johansson, known for her roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and critically acclaimed films such as Marriage Story (2019), brings a fresh dynamic to the Jurassic franchise. Her involvement signals a new chapter in the series, blending her star power with the beloved prehistoric saga.

Jeff Goldblum is a familiar face to Jurassic fans, will reprise his role as Dr. Ian Malcolm which he played in the original 1993 for the first time and continue reprising the role in Jurassic Park: The Lost World (1997) and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018).Goldblum’s portrayal of the charismatic and insightful palaeontologist has been a fan favourite since his debut in the original Jurassic Park in 1993. His return promises to bring nostalgia and continuity to the evolving storyline.

Scarlett Johansson told Todaythat Jurrasic Park (1993) was the first film she watched at the theatre when she was a child.“I was probably 10 or 11, and it was absolutely transformative for me,” she said. “The experience was — we had never seen anything like that, CGI used in that way. And when you see it, it still holds up. I mean, it looks so great. It’s like magic. … The actors were so amazing: Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum. And it had so much heart,” the Balck Widow (2021) actress recalled.

The Jurassic World series, which began in 2015, has been a massive box-office success, grossing over $1.6 billion worldwide. This new casting is expected to build on that success, bringing renewed excitement and anticipation.

It is said that director David Leitch, who made John Wick (2014), Deadpool 2 (2014), and Bullet Train (2022) is set to helm this highly anticipated project. Though the details about the plot remain under wraps, the upcoming film is slated for a 2025 release.

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