Here’s Why Fans Are Calling BTS’ Jungkook ‘Super-Human’ For His Work Ethic!

BTS' global fan base aka ARMY are appreciated the young lad of the group for his spectacular performance at the Grammys despite contracting COVID.

It might have been a month since BTS’ iconic performance at the Grammys in 2022, but still seems like fans can’t seem to get over it. Right from their ‘buttery’ performance to V’s skit with Olivia Rodrigo that became the talk of the town, these South Korean superstars did steal the show and won the hearts of millions of fans and celebrities.

But what makes this performance iconic is a number of things, to begin with, the members of the team were not able to practice together, with Jungkook contracting COVID, J-Hope being out of the country due to COVID, Jimin’s appendicitis surgery, Jin’s index finger surgery, and what not! The boys hardly rehearsed together and had only practised all together for just 1 day. Despite the stress that these issues bought, the septuplet band still managed to give the best performance of the night.

With fans appreciating the boys’ hard work and determination with which they gave a stellar performance, many ARMY took to their Twitter handle to share how proud they were of each member, Jungkook, for showing utter professionalism and performing at the event just 5 days after recovering from COVID. While Jungkook and J-Hope practised on their own, even during recovering from the virus, other members trust each other. BTS’ choreographer Son Seung Duk shared, It’s because the other members had faith in the two who were practising alone” He added, “The others had no doubt about the two members’ capabilities, despite the lack of practice time.”

Fans have been pouring unconditional love on the maknae of the group for his dedication and passion for his work. A fan wrote, “what I admire the most it’s how Jungkook recovered so well from covid and he performed with full energy, full stamina, and worked extremely well! It’s so captivating to look at him” others praised, “Also, Jimin’s recent surgery & I know Yoongi’s surgery was awhile back, but that takes quite a long time to 100% heal, I have friends who go on a year are still not 100%. This combined with Jin’s injury, Jhope and Jungkook post-COVID..mother absolute talent & dedication.”

Another use thought it was magical of Jungkook to do what he did and called him ‘iconic’. “Reminder this happened after Jungkook got out of quarantine, tested covid positive 5 days ago during this time. His talent, professionalism, training & athletic skills is so amazing & remains unmatched, fact that he’s a gifted dancer himself. What can’t he do is the most iconic” user commented.

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Oherbelieved Jungkook was actually a superman for performing at the Grammys, “genuinely cannot believe jungkook performed at the grammys a week after testing positive for covid. that’s superhuman behaviour, truly.” she wrote.