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Here’s Why Alison Brie Fell In Love With David Franco All Over Again

The Glow fame Alison Brie claims she fell in love with her husband and actor David Franco, all over again during the filming of David’s film The Rental. With the film, the actor made his directorial debut that also stars his wife Brie.

Talking about it, Alison says, “The first time we had conversations about The Rental was long ago. I knew that I would be involved in the film and it was very inspiring to me to watch Dave write. I’ve never seen him so excited about something, and first I got to hear the idea and why he felt so strongly about it and how he wanted to do it.”

She added, “Then I got to read the very first draft of the script and read another draft and sort of watch it get better and better and watch him kinda hone in on his ideas and the characters and things like that.”

“I think when he asked me to be in it, the thing I felt first was, so glad that I was going to get to be there for him, for his first time directing, to witness it.”

Further talking about what she felt working on the same set with husband David Franco, Alison Brie shares “On set as an actor, if you don’t trust your director that can be a really scary space, right? But obviously I trust Dave more than anyone, so I couldn’t have had more faith in what he was going to do.”

“And then it just got to be a fun treat for me to watch him on set and watch him flourish in this new way. And to watch him interact with everybody on our crew and how much they were kind of like falling in love with him.”

“I was falling in love with him all over again. It was very romantic,” she added.

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