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Here’s The Truth Behind Kristin Cavallari And Jay Cutler’s Divorce

After 10 years of togetherness, Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler get divorced and things are very messy. Kristin cited the "marital misconduct" as the reason for the separation between her and Jay.

Although Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler took their much-criticized holiday in the Bahamas at the time the Coronavirus Outbreak ravaged the U.S., they were a happily married couple through photos on Instagram. They announced an amicable split a few weeks after their arrival back.

Soon after that, tabloid reports suggesting something more controversial was starting to emerge, and updates this week suggest that we are still in this phase. Last week, Page Six quoted an anonymous source claiming that Cavallari was fed up with the work ethic of Cutler; several insider has now weighed in not changing the suggestion that Cavallari was unhappy with him, but expanding on it.

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 A source close to Cavallari told about the E! reality show of the former couple! “Jay’s really good with the cameras. When the camera comes on, he knows how to play the camera,”  explaining, “When the cameras were off, he was not warm or as charming the way he was on the show.”

And source reported the Daily Mail’s portal, “Kristin never had an issue with Jay for being lazy, this wasn’t the problem at all. Those stories are all B.S.,” and that the truth for divorce was a different problem with Cutler: “He would be really rude and dismissive of anyone who would approach her.”

It is not clear if these various sources overlap, how reliable they are, or whether they are really familiar with the intricacies here. However, this is just little about the analysis of these matters there can be a little more of a top mind. Well, awaiting a final comment about this from the later as the former couple is now fighting it out over child custody and finances in court.

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