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Here’s A Hint By Jennifer Aniston And Lisa Kudrow On The ‘Friends’ Reunion

Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow joining forces for Variety's "Actors on Actors" series gave viewers a sneak preview at what to expect from HBO Maxx 's Friends reunion special and more.

While talking with co-star “Friends” Jennifer Aniston, 56-year-old Kudrow admitted she had a hard time saying “yes” to other jobs after working on the iconic sitcom, which was signed off in 2004.

“I like being the guest family member for the time. When I’m producing my own thing, that’s different, but I have a commitment issue since ‘Friends,’ to be honest with you,”  Kudrow revealed in an interview for Variety on a video chat with Aniston.

“’Friends,’ it’s not like, ‘Oh, it was such hard work for 10 years,’” she continued. “It’s not that. It was that I know that show worked because we all committed to each other too. It wasn’t just committing to a role, committing to a contract. We all still love each other. Our cast is like that, and that’s why that worked. I think part of me died. I can’t do that again.”

Aniston, 51, revealed she was like a lot of us during quarantine — binging on old episodes of “Friends” and even wanting to watch bloopers.

“I love stumbling on a ‘Friends’ episode. This one time I was with Courteney [Cox], and we were trying to find something to reference, an old ‘Friends’ thing,” Aniston said. “And then we stumbled on — there’s bloopers online — and we sat there at the computer like two nerds watching these bloopers laughing at ourselves.”

“Here’s what I love, is when I watch an episode, I’ll usually remember where we broke during the scene.”

Kudrow and Aniston are both eagerly awaiting the end of lockdown so they can begin filming the sitcom’s reunion special for HBO Max, which Aniston revealed that they know is “not scripted” and will not be expected.

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“I will not be Phoebe,” Kudrow said while Aniston added: “I will not be Rachel, although I kind of am. Well, we’re all sort of little fragments of them. Not really. But yeah.”

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