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Here Are The Biggest Revelations From Janet Jackson’s New Documentary That You Must Know

Janet Jackson revealed personal battles, including her complicated relationships with her later father Joe and brother Michael Jackson.

Janet Jackson’s earlier life was not less than a roller coaster and she has recently told the unsaid story of her life in the upcoming Lifetime and A&E documentary Janet. Janet’s forthcoming documentary features the star in a candid conversation about everything from her personal relationships to her professional triumphs.

Jackson, 55, pulled back the curtain on her most personal battles, including her complicated relationships with her later father Joe and brother Michael Jackson, and her ill-fated marriages to James DeBarge and René Elizondo Jr. Her father Joe was controlling, but she loved him. In the documentary, Jackson discussed at length the complex relationship she shared with her late father Joe, who ruled her childhood household with an iron fist as he managed her brothers to success.

Jackson described her father as a “good-hearted guy who really protected us,” and credited him with helping her family achieve all that they did. Yet, she noted he was “very tough.” As Jackson said she had dreams of going to college to study business law, her life’s course changed after she accidentally left a recording of her singing for Joe to hear. After he heard his daughter’s talent, he decided to make Janet a singer and he would be her manager.

Talking about her relationship with her brother Michael, Janet recalled that she and her older brother Michael were “very close, and did everything together.” However, she also recalled that things between Janet Jackson and her brother Michael Jackson started changing around the time he released Thriller in 1982, and his fame grew to even further heights.

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Janet described, “For the first time in my life, that’s when I felt it was different between the two of us, that a shift was happening.” “He would always come in my room and we’d talk, and this particular time, he came in my bedroom. Neither of us said a word to each other, and then he got up and left,” she recalled.

Janet Jackson has ill fate marriage to James DeBarge who fell apart because of his drug use. Jackson married fellow musician DeBarge in 1984, when she was just 18 years old. Though she described him as “a sweet guy” in the beginning, Jackson revealed that it was his frequent drug use that caused their marriage to crumble after just one year.

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