Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury Wants Denzel Washington To Play Him In The Upcoming Biopic

Tyson Fury confirms that Hollywood filmmakers are all set to make a biopic on his rollercoaster life. Tyson rose to the top and became heavyweight champion by dethroning Wladimir Klitschko, before his life went upside down. Fury spent nearly 2 years away from boxing, after becoming the culprit of doping scandal back in 2016. Recently, a news portal reached to the Gipsy King on his biopic, he said, “I’m in talks with Hollywood movie directors now for the Tyson Fury life story. They asked me, ‘Who would you want to play you?’ I said, ‘Obviously Denzel.’ Everybody had a bit of a laugh at that. We’ll have to finalise who’s gonna be the actor. I’m not to sure he can do the husky voice though, he needs a punch in the throat for that one.” Well we can say Denzel is great actor but we aren’t pretty sure if he’s suitable to play the character. Tyson miraculously got himself back into shape and staged his 2018 comeback, which resulted in his recent victory over Deontay Wilder to reclaim the throne.